My Veterinarian is Closed – What to do after hours?

Due to the nature of our profession, plans cannot always be pre – arranged. If your pet passes at a time when our office is not available, and you do not wish to bring him/her to the after hours emergency clinic, we recommend the following:

1. If your veterinarian does not provide 24-hour office service, you can bring your pet to the emergency clinics. These clinics are usually open after hours, and on holidays, and are kind enough to prepare the necessary paperwork and care for and preserve your pet until we can arrive.

2. If you are waiting for family to say arrive to say good-bye and visit or if you would like to wait for your Veterinarian or our office to be open we recommend the following: If your pet is small, or if you have a large pet indoors, make them comfortable and keep the room as cool as reasonably possible. If your pet is small enough, and you are comfortable with the idea, you may preserve your pet in a cooler/freezer until service can be provided. This will not affect our process in any way.

3. You may want to take this time to:
Remove your pet’s collar (if a collar or necklace is left on the pet it will be cremated with him/her)
Clip a lock of fur and decide if there are any mementos that you would like to send with your loved one.We no longer accept blankets or toys or collars/necklaces that are considered irreplaceable or need to be returned to the family. We do not want to be responsible for these items.You are welcome to send a bed and/or blanket for your pet’s comfort until service (please note we do not return these items). If you would like to send a special toy or stuffed animal with your baby, that is fine, too.

4. Our office begins returning telephone calls at 9:45 am Monday – Friday. If you would like to leave a message after hours, you may, and your call will be returned as soon as possible during regular office hours. Please do not try to reach us via e-mail or this web-site; it is not monitored 24/7.

5. Please note:::
We can provide service after hours, on weekends and holidays with advance notice. This service is at an additional charge of $75 for after hours and weekends and $150 on Holidays. Please note that this fee is in addition to the $50/$75 fee for home service and the regular cremation price. This Afterhours appointment fee does not apply to servicing the emergency clinics.

What should we expect when we receive our pet after cremation?

When you receive your pet’s urn, from your veterinarian’s office, our office here at Agee’s, or at your home, it can be a time for reflection. Take a moment with your family and share memories and decide on a resting place for his or her urn. We have found with our losses, that this helps to make your baby’s (that what our pets are, our babies) homecoming a more pleasant event.

Our family takes time and prepares each pet with loving care in their urn and then places each urn in a protective bag tied with our custom ribbon so that yours are the next hands to hold your loved one.

Your family will also receive a folder with grief information and your pet’s Cremation Certificate inside. If you have requested a lock of fur be saved or an ink paw print be made, then it will also be placed in this secure location.

What to expect if we want to be present for our pet’s cremation service or to visit with our pet at Agee’s?

• Private viewing room (seats 3)
• Your loved one prepared cushioned on draped covered table(size permitting)
• Time prior to the service to visit with your loved one in your reserved room
• wifi
• If you would like a clipping of fur, you will have the opportunity to clip fur or observe while we clip the fur for you
• Observation window to witness the cremation service
• We will present you with your baby’s urn, certificate,and any momentos you have chosen when the service is over

Where is Agee’s located?

Can we be present for Cremation?

We welcome you any time to our 4,700 square foot facility. This area includes our offices, viewing room, cremation areas, consoling/visittion areas, covered receiving area and our show room.

If you would like to be present for your pet’s cremation service, we provide a private room for viewing of the cremation. There is an additional $150 charge for Same Day Service. We consider “Same Day Service” to be a cremation scheduled so the owner can be present for the cremation and be able to bring his/her pet’s cremains home that same day, it does not necessarily mean the service occurs the same day as the pet’s passing.

(If you are interested in Same day service please contact our office and schedule an appointment – we cannot promise to provide this service instantaneously upon your pet’s passing, however we can hold and preserve your pet until a time that is convenient for you to be present.)

Do you have urns?

Yes, please refer to our product catalog for our selection of available urns.

What is the cost of cremation?

Our prices are based on the weight of the pet, and the memorial items that you select. Please call for more details, or speak to your veterinarian directly.

Please visit our Pricing Page for detailed information