2015 - 2018

Annabelle the beagle
Whenever we picked up Annabelle for the first time she was just a puppy. We had driven miles and miles to pick her up. We were so excited to have a brand new pet we could love and play with. But little did we know what the future held for her.
Annabelle grew up as a normal dog, she loved to play, go on walks, loved to play with children. She even loved the special things we would treat her with such as taking a trip to petsmart or going to the park. We would literally take her everywhere we would go. She learned how to sit, lay down, shake, roll over, and even howl whenever asked to “talk to me”.
However, despite all the fun and good times we have enjoyed with Annabelle, there was a downside. Annabelle suffered from epilepsy, which has no cure. We would spend countless trips to the vet and lots of time researching what to do. But, day by day her condition had gotten worse. So bad she was on 2 different types of medication and on a strict diet. But yet she still would have seizures, sometimes 4 or 5 in one day.
As time went on the loveable, and playful dog we grew up with and have adored so much began to fade. With each seizure caused her to have some brain damage. First she quit jumping up onto the furniture we called “her chair” which she loved to lay on. She soon lost her interest in playing with her toys or begging for food. The saddest thing of all she had quit howling for me when asked to, which was just the cutest. Then it led to her being in a drunk state and just basically wanted to sleep all the
time. She would run into the wall, wouldn’t respond when called. She was basically a zombie. She soon did not want to go anywhere and If she did, she was miserable. She was constantly scared to fall asleep as it was only when she was asleep the seizure would strike, this made her extremely exhausted. Day by day she just looked miserable and tired. We loved Annabelle and every day and we tried to find solutions upon solutions but all failed.
One night I got home to find her laying on the kitchen floor in my girlfriend’s arms having trouble breathing. Her heart rate was irrigular and one pupil of her eye was completely dialed but not the other. She eventually passed away about 15 minuets after I had arrived home.
Annabelle was only 2 and 1/2 years old. Too young to have passed away but, because of her condition it calmed her life early. She has suffered from a bad stroke.
Me and my girlfriend are heartbroken as well as our families as we treated her like our own child. We love and miss her every day. It is really hard to wake up every day to an empty home without her. But, we are happy she does not have to suffer anymore. She is in a better place where she can rest and be that happy dog again!