Bandit Boo Boo


In Loving Memory

Bandit Boo Boo

October 2011

On Oct 5,2011 we lost our best friend Bandit Boo Boo. He is and always be my pride and joy. I miss his beautiful smile and the way he would greet me when I came home. He sure taught me alot and the true meaning of unconditional love he shared with all of us. Miss having him cuddle with me at night. Just wish I would wake up and he would be there next to me. Like this is all a bad dream. Just wish i could kiss him and touch his beautiful face. God my heart hurts so much. I know he had a great life he was almost sixteen years old. I thank god hes in no more pain. Even though my hearts breaking. He has left his paw marks cross my heart forever. Even though hes no here I know he is because I feel him in my heart. I want to thank god for him he is the best and very special gift from you. Bandit Boo Boo remember mommy and daddy love you our sweet loving angel. Until we meet again on the beautiful bridge.

I LOVE YOU BANDIT BOO BOO. XOXOXO and many more. In loving memory of my best friend Bandit Boo Boo.