2004 - 2018

My Burnt Sweet Potato

Bullet, it's been 5 days that you gained your wings and crossed the Rainbow Bridge, today you have come home. You were my little Burnt Sweet Potato and you are loved and missed. Even during your pain and trying to take your last breath you wagged your tail, letting me know you knew I was there and you loved me in return. My arms are empty, my heart is breaking, my eyes are always full with tears. That first night after I dropped you off to be cremated I dreamed you woke up and were all alone and I woke up crying. Our lives are not the same with out you here, T-bone and Peanut roam the house looking for you. Our chair, bed, couch, home and heart is missing the space you took up. You always had to have the most space, pushing with your little legs to gain more space. When I picked you up today your favorite blanket I bought you in still has your smell, God, how I miss your smell. You filled up us with 12 wonderful years of pure joy and happiness, your cute little birth mark of 2 spots of totally white fur I will always remember. There are so many happy memories I will always cherish, one day the tears will become less, the heart ache will heal a little each day, you will never be far from my heart little one.

At 2 months old you entered our life, you were the cutest playful pup and T-bone loved you so much. You never learned any tricks but you sure learned that our love never failed you. You were born a Texan but loved the Louisiana life. You were never a fan of bad weather and I miss my desk shaking now with you gone. I run my hand over the spot you use to sleep next to me my bed feels empty, my warmth gone. I miss your smell, I miss your soft fur, I miss your stinky kisses, I miss your soulful look, I miss your high whining voice, I miss the tap tap tap of you running in the house. It's quiet now, so much so that it's deafening. You left us to fast and If I could bring you back I would. My heart is broken, the pain has been unbearable, the tears never stop. I know this pain will lift in time. Today you are home back where you belong, Rest my burnt sweet potato, you were a good and faithful friend.

Your Loving Mama