2006 - 2019

My Sweet Cali O'Malley brought so much joy to our lives. She was a mama to 4 babies, 2 of which we still have, because I could not let them go to a new owner. They are now 11 years old and miss their mama terribly. She also leaves behind Will Will who is her husband. Also, Shad who is the border collie that keeps them in line. She was the sweetest baby girl to us and she died in my arms peacefully. That was a horrible day, but we know all too well, life goes on. The house is a little bit quieter now and very lonely without your sassy self running around fussing at all of us. We love you and will miss you always, my baby girl. Be nice in doggie heaven.

My husband always sang this song to her:
Cali O'Malley the real Dilly Daly, she loves her mama and daddy, Will-Will, Buster, Petey, and Shadley…… Oh yeah!!!!!