1999 - 2014

Chyanne and Belle were always together. When they were young, they ran and played hard together. Chyanne was always very protective of Belle. When you asked Belle where "sissy" was, she would find Chyanne. Upon research, Lab and Yorkie breeds are expected to live for 12 years. Chyanne was 15 and Belle was just under 14 when they went "home." Both had a long life and were loved by the entire family. We do not have children, so Chyanne and Belle were our "girls".

Chyanne was born sometime around July 1999 north of Natchitoches, LA. She was one of two litters with 17 puppies. All of her brothers and sisters looked like German Shepards. Chyanne was the only solid white puppy. When we arrived to pick out a puppy being given away, she ran and hid in the far corner under a work bench. The owner of the parents had to crawl under the bench to retrieve her for me because she was the one that I wanted. Chyanne was an extremely intelligent dog. She would find ways to get out of the yard to sit at the back door, wait at the truck door, or visit her friend a street over. When we tried to put up an electric fence on the chain-link fence, she would break the connection with her paw. I consider Chyanne my lab, but she was actually a mutt. She was a German Shepard, Lab, Husky, and Chow mix. She was solid white with yellow eyes. She was one of the prettiest and smartest dogs I have ever had the pleasure to love. She became ill in 2012 due to her aging body. Chyanne went "home" on July 15, 2014 with her "sister", Belle, in tow.