2003 - 2016

Jasmine was 4 weeks old when she came into my life. She was the runt of the litter but had the biggest heart and personality in the world. For the next 13 years she filled my world with love, laughter, and happiness. Jazzy's favorite activities were to play fetch with her ball and swim. Anyone who was lucky enough to meet Jasmine always said how beautiful and intelligent she was and what a gentle nature she had. I know you are looking down on me Jazzy. We will love and miss you forever but you will always be in our hearts forever and ever.

A candle was lit in memory of Jasmine —Amy Elkhansa

"She was so pretty and brought much joy and love into your life . How could we not love her to you know they say your pet reflects the same attributes of their owners and I agree with that totally---she will be missed but live on in our memories and hearts /// and I know she even enriched your life and what a blessing." —Elaine

"Such a sweet angel! Lucky enough to have met this sweet girl a few times. We love you Jazzy!" —Adam

"My beautiful and loving grandog, I will always love you. Remember our daily trips to throw the ball and all the places we explored. Granddaughter will love you and will always love you and thank you for all the love in all the fun we had together love you baby." —Elizabeth Elkhansa

"Jazzy was a special dog to say the least. She was a loyal companion for many many years giving endless unconditional love. Always happy to greet you when you walked through the door like you were her favorite person... But we all know who her favorite person actually was." —Mattie

"Such a sweet girl!!! I am so happy that I was able to meet her, and I will miss getting all of her pictures. You now have the most special angel looking down on you. Fly high Jazzy! We love you!" —Kadie

"Jazzy was the companion that anyone would be lucky to have. She always knew when to give that extra love. She was loyal to her human and loving to everyone that entered her life. She had such a special touch that a human couldn't provide. Sweet angel will be missed!" —Amber

"Sweet..Sweet Jazzy fizzel!!! You definitely are loved. Such a blessing to have had many..many days with you. So calm & loving! You will be missed but never forgotten. Love you, Zazzy!" —Missy Lynne

"Jazzy was a good dog and will be missed." —Stephanie, Mike, and Pike

"Jazzy was the best of the best. I dogsat her numerous times as well as spent time with her during many visits. I have a favorite funny memory of me taking a step forward and tripping over her, as I proclaimed she was not laying there on the floor when I tripped. I also recall many nights of studying and hanging out with her company keeping me sane and smiling. Love you jasmine and your peaceful presence will remain always." —Kacy

"She was a beautiful dog!!" —Uncle Jim

"Jazzy I miss and love you... my heart aches everyday for you." —Amy Elkhansa

"Miss u everyday jazzy! Love you!" —Amy

"I love you jazzy I think about you every day" —Amy

"I love u always jazzy! I know you are watching over me❤️" —Amy

"Miss u jazzy!" —Amy

"Happy birthday jazzy! I love u!" —Amy Elkhansa

"happy birthday Jasmine.. thought about you today and how much used to love laying in the sun...grandog and mama love you so much. I pray every day that you know we love you and miss you forever sweet baby." —elizabeth elkhansa