Jerry Lee

2008 - 2015

A Tribute Letter written to Jerry Lee by his mom:
Dear Jerry Lee, I am really happy I was with you when you went to rainbow bridge. I did not realize until that moment how much I loved you and had needed you these past 7 years. When I brought you home when you were 8 weeks old you were only supposed to be daddy’s boy but little did I know that you would steal my heart and fill an emptiness I felt from losing my parents and brother. Thank you for always being there for me. You’re a german shepherd meant for safety and security but you gave us so much more-so much love, so much joy, so much care, so much understanding, so much patience, so much kindness, so much loyalty. Your love for us has always been huge and gentle. I have never met such a happy and loving dog in my entire life. It’s been a rough 4 days so far since you’ve gone to heaven. I miss you so much. I am lost without you. Know that daddy misses you especially you jumping in bed every morning to wake him up, I miss you every second of the day, I miss you following me all day, I miss you having breakfast with me, I miss you riding with me to go get a snow cone, I miss you ringing the bell on the door to let you out, I miss you helping me with the groceries, I miss how you had trained me to play fetch at your command, lol, I miss you resting your head on my lap and looking at me with your sad eyes to get your way, I miss waiting on you hand and foot, I miss that you were king around here, lol I miss watching you chase the squirrels and rabbits. I hope at rainbow bridge there are some squirrels and rabbits for you to chase. Jerry Lee I miss everything about you especially how you loved your daddy and I unconditionally. Saturday we are going to pick up your ashes and you will come home and when daddy and I pass away your ashes will be buried with us. We will all be together again. Jerry Lee the mark you left in my heart will always be there and I cannot ever replace you. These tears will be gone someday but your memory will never be forgotten. I guess I can’t be selfish and just wish I had a little more time with you. Thank you for blessing us with your love and big heart… Until we meet again on the Rainbow Bridge. Always remember that Daddy and Mama will always love you, Jerry Lee!!

Rest in Peace, my boy! XOXOXO Love Always, Daddy & Mama