2005 - 2018

A beautiful tribute to Jim: "One of the hardest days of our lives. We said goodbye to our 13 year old baby - Jim. He was here through everything. First to greet us as Travis carried me over the threshold as newly weds, first to welcome our babies home from the hospital, through family illnesses, the ups and downs, the loud and quiet times of life. He never asked for much. The most gentle of spirits. He welcomed everything and everyone with a quiet wag. No one was a stranger to Jim. He didn't mind getting stepped and yanked on by the toddlers. Never a nip, yip, or bark. Never an accident in the house. He swam through hurricane Rita. He lived through 2 rounds of heartworm treatment when Heartguard failed him. He ate our lawnmower and broke plumbing under the house. He trembled at the sound of a smoke alarm, thunder, and stove timer. He was Jim and he was ours. His love and loyalty never wavered. His room stands empty. His bowl still has a little breakfast left. His collar sits on the table. This will take time. We love you, Jimbo. You've set the bar high. The pain we now feel every day is out of love. Your marbled brown eyes and velvet ears are missed immensely... but not as much as your quiet presence. We will meet again, our dear boy. 5/26/2005-11/24/2018"