MiMi Pooh

2008 - 2020

MiMi Pooh touched my heart so much, he turned me into a cat person. He picked me at the St. Bernard Parish SPCA. That day changed my life forever. MiMi Pooh was so sweet and loving. He always let me know how much he loved me. I will miss everything about him. He was playful, but never naughty. I will miss his beautiful eyes and his pretty face. MiMi Pooh was so smart. He did not put up with his brother's bullying. He always looked at them like do not mess with me and he didn't. When I would sleep he would come right in my face and tell at me. I loved that and love him so much. He will truly be missed. I love you, MiMi Pooh. Please tell Lucky Louis I love and miss him for me. Play with your sweet brother, baby.