2006 - 2017

This wonderful tribute was written by Molly's mom:

"Molly was born one of seven pups. Her and her brother was inseparable as u can tell in her pictures! She was always the sweetest pup ever. She been through alot! No one wanted her so we kept her as ours. We spoiled her as our lil baby!! She beat parvo as a pup! She became epileptic around 2! Medicine twice a day every day for about 9 years!! Like clock work. She would bark when it was time for meds! Allergies, yeast issues, flea dermatitis u name it poor girl been through it. Two years ago she fell into status epileptic! We thought we was gonna lose her. She wasnt suppose to live. She then had a stroke and couldn't walk. We rehabilitated her and she made a remarkable recovery. Almost 2 yrs to the day of the stroke she became sick. Her kidneys and liver failed and she fell into a coma! She fought and fought hard all the way to the end! She was a lovable gentle giant! Always so sweet and loved to snuggle and sleep in very strange ways! We always laughed at her silly butt!! I had too many pics and was hard to decided which to post. But i think they sum molly up really well. We will love her for ever and always. Will never forget that sweet face or those big brown eyes!

Sweet sweet Molly Rest in Peace!!!"