Pippi Lotta Longstocking


Pippi Lotta Longstocking was originally born in North Carolina. Later, she lived with me in South Carolina, Hawaii and most recently became a honorary Louisiana resident, residing in "Cajun Country" from 2000-2013. Sadly, my dear Pippi left this earth on December 6th, 2013 and was greeted in heaven by our loving God and by all of her previous step-siblings. Pippi was one of the best dachshunds anyone could ever have. I adopted her from a family when she was approximately 2 years of age, and as she was approaching 19, we were blessed to have had her for approximately a total of 17 years. Pippi could always be counted on for her uniqueness, loyal, loving and patient spirit.

During our first few months together, we enrolled in a basic obedience training class, where her instructor pulled us aside to tell us secretly, upon completion, that she was one the smartest dachshunds she had ever seen, and that if she had to select the smartest dog in her class she would most definitely be chosen as "her excelling top performer". She followed it by saying "This dog will play you as a fool, and play stupid throughout her life because she is a dachshund, but she is most definitely not dumb…She understands more than she lets on." Pippi proved that comment to be true by the large vocabulary she learned over the years, and by all the ways she would instruct us when she was needing something specific, along with her personalized antics.

Pippi, along with her 1st step sibling "Brittany", endured the long flight and huge move to Hawaii in 1999, where she first had to take up residence in their state mandatory 30 day quarantine facility, so she could remain with our family. Even though Pippi didn't originally enjoy swimming in the ocean, once she got used to her life preserver, she seemed relieved to actually be able to trust how this vest works and actually seemed to enjoy doggie paddling in the water with me.

Pippi was a lover and a fighter. She accepted and loved all creatures and people alike. She was never a mean-spirited dachshund, as many are known to be "snippy in nature." In her last year, she continued to give life her very best shot by proving that she was never going to give up, as long as her owners weren't giving up either.

In closing, I am posting this today because I want everyone to know what an awesome companion you were, my dear and loving little girl. Just so you know you have made an indelible impression upon, all of those whom you have lived with these last several years. Tina, your stand-in Mom, when I wasn't available sends you her love, as she and her adult children (Sunni and Kacie) have already felt the emptiness of their loss over your passing as well. Thank you for your unconditional love and for always being there for us. I surely never regretted my adoption of you, as you brought so much to my life and others you came in contact with daily. May you now rest knowing your struggle is over, and may you live healed by God in Heaven, now and forever.
From Your Mom, who will never forget you nor stop loving you.