In Loving Memory
12/1996 ~ 11/2008

In Loving Memory
4/1997 ~ 2/2010

We want to thank you for taking care of our Prissy after her passing. Should would have been 13 years old in April, and we had her since she was a teeny tiny baby.

Prissy was blind since about the age of 4 or 5, first in one eye, then the other. That may have slowed her down a bit but didn't stop her, although she was never a fan of chasing a ball, she did love to chase Rock while he chased the ball, so we made sure all the balls squeaked. We would squeak them and roll them by her so when he chased them, she would feel him pass by and she would chase after him. Let's just say that we would tire of that game before they ever did.

A couple of years ago, she went deaf and that changed her somewhat. She didn't play as much and she was very quiet, but still ran around the house looking for us when she wanted something. Seeing her walk around the house, you would never know she didn’t see. She loved lying out in the sun and she loved climbing up on our laps for a good back rub.

Watching her fall sick was very hard for us. Making the decision to end her suffering, however painful for us, was the right thing to do. I still think I can hear her in her corner of my room and I can still smell her.

I imagine now she can see and hear and is chasing Rock while he chases his ball all the while barking her loudest. Knowing you handled her with love means the world to us and we can't thank you enough.