2010 - 2021

the day i’ve dreaded for so long has come. wednesday 7/28/21 @ 10:20am, our phat boi took his last breath of air & passed naturally in my arms. being little spoon in the bed, his favorite spot. i don’t remember life before him, 11 years ago - i was 19 - when he was found in a ditch & brought to a local vet. what a come up his life became. he was a true mamas boi. very few people did he break the trust wall & fall in love with - you know who you are - & you know being loved by him was the most majestic love. the most cuddly man… always wanting to be on top of you. i owe so many things in my life to him, so many things are bc of him… including my silly ig handle. he was a kitty monster & it became our wifi password & the story goes... a week shy of 15 months since the CKD diagnosis. he was truly the best patient with so much patience. me, essentially learning to be an at home vet tech. he was everything. we did such a good job keeping him happy & healthy until the very end. i’ve never loved or protected anything more in my life than him (& bear) & i mean that so deeply. he came before everyone. my heart is shattered, i feel everything & nothing all at once. I miss him in every corner waiting for me to sit down anywhere so he can jump on me, even if only for a few seconds. I miss him crushing my chest in the bed even after he lost a bunch of weight from his kidney disease. I miss watching him & Bear bathe each other every morning. I miss his little trot & I miss him taking a running start to slide onto the coffee tables, always including one of his sweet noises. I miss admiring him blissed out on his balcony in the sun. His soft fur, his bean floofs. His drool when he was sleeping real good like. How much he loved me & traveling the country with me. I know he’s running shit in the after life with a dope balcony, catnip carrots everywhere & a buffet of his fav food: Cowboy Cookout. The house doesn’t feel right without you & there won’t be a day that goes by that you aren’t on my mind. You are everywhere, always all ways. Thank you for choosing me. My best friend, my son, my hambsomb man, my road dawg; I love you infinitely, Rusko ♾🐱♾