1995 - 2015

This sweet boy was so lucky to end up with his family. Here is his story from his mom: "Sammy was adopted from Iberia Humane Society (now Angel Paws Adoption Center) . We brought him home and it took him a little while to trust us. We brought him to the vet and had all the blood work and testing done to make sure he didn't have any medical conditions that we needed to know about. That was May of 1997, and the vet said he was approx 2 years old. Sammy's was very active as a younger dog and loved to play with tennis balls. In December of 2013, his back legs started giving him trouble and he was having trouble to walk. His dad made him a little doggie wheelchair and that is how he would get around. He loved being able to be by our side when we would move around the house. Just within the last couple of months, his front legs started giving him trouble so the doggie wheelchair was modified so he could still get around without falling. Again, he was the best dog that his family has ever had. We will miss him terribly."