This tribute was wrtten by Sammy's mom: "I met Sammy when he was 4 hours old. He came home to me when he was 8 weeks old. He gave me joy for over 18 years and took a large part of my heart when he went to heaven. He was a scientist who monitored how much liquid spilled out of a cup when he pushed it to the floor and how many tissues remained on a on a particular toilet paper roll while he spun it with his paw. He was the family alarm clock who wailed from the hallway, batted us on the head, or jumped on us day and night whenever he wanted a meal. He was the social greeter when people came to visit; he was the assistant helper when the cable guy or plumber came to fix something. I was so lucky to have my precious boy for so long. Now, the house is empty and the pain is overwhelming. I find some comfort that he was not alone and he was surrounded by those who loved him when he left us."