2005 - 2021

Shadow Delcambre was born a couple of months after hurricanes Katrina and Rita destroyed his mother's house and sense of normalcy. He was a gift to a high school kid, who, although she had friends and family, felt that she was often on the outside of things and didn't have anyone to talk to.

He was a holy terror as a puppy and enjoyed making 'snow' out of any paper towels or toilet paper he could get his paws on. He loved fetching frisbees and balls and chewing on bones. As he grew older, he loved ignoring each boyfriend his mother brought home until she met 'the one' and that man became his forever dad. He and Dad took many naps together while Mom was busy.

He was not happy to become a big brother, but he accepted his new job with grace and loved his little human brother soon after he was born.

Shadow survived pancreatitis, cancer, and eating chocolate on more than a few occasions. We were convinced he was almost indestructible.

Shadow was very sensitive to his mother's emotions and was always sure to offer his soft ears for a scratch and loved to cuddle when she cried. He will be greatly, painfully missed.

We know that you were ready, but your father, little brother and I were not prepared to say goodbye.

Rest in Heaven, sweet boy. I wish I had 15 more years of time with my best friend.