2000 - 2015

A tribute to our darling girl Sindy - the most sweet-natured and gentle dog, who blessed us with her love and devotion for 15 years. She was a fat bundle of energy who exuberantly greeted us with a full-body wag and a smile as though we’d been gone for ages, even though only minutes may have passed since she saw us! She used to actually squeal with joy when we did return home after being away for a few hours! Despite her gentle submissive nature, she was the only dog I ever had who was not afraid of thunder or firecrackers. While the rest of our normally brave and bold canine gang were cowering under the bed in fright, gentle submissive Sindy, who usually rolled over on her back for them, was not afraid to step outside even during a barrage of firecrackers on New Years’ Eve. A trait that never failed to amaze us! She was 112 in dog years and lived a healthy life, except for the last few months, when she became incontinent and developed renal failure. She remained a cheerful happy thing till the very end however. We are truly blessed to have been adored by this loving grateful dog – the tiny starving puppy we rescued from the streets. There’s a hole in our hearts and life is not the same without Sindy.