Sobek, aged approximately 11 1/2, found lost and wandering before Hurricane Isadore in 2002, died 11/6/2013 in the arms of his loved ones after a short battle with cancer. Sobek, Egyptian for the Crocodile God, he was stoic, courageous (except when he hid under my legs during thunderstorms), loyal, determined, loving and stubborn. He enjoyed travel, well not the traveling part but the getting there, he loved bacon, he was relentless in his pursuit of cats (his one and only foe) and he particularly loved Christmas and had a knack for picking out his presents and ripping them open. He spent his holidays on his family farm in Tennessee where he caught up with his cousins Scotty Boudreaux (from Louisiana) and Maggie (spawn of hell) In his older years he loved to share his couch with his 2 loving companions Marian and David and watch TED documentaries and Harry Potter. He was compassionate and tolerant of most humans, he was a great listener, a natural comforter, and a great friend. He is survived by his human Mom and Dad Marian and David, his Great Grand Mom Helen and Uncles David and Michael. He was greatly loved and he will be greatly missed. He will remain forever in our hearts. Rest in peace my love, my Sobek, my friend.