This tribute was written by Tot's dad:
"To us, Tot was one of a kind loved companion that could never be replaced or forgotten. He was a ragdoll mix with a sweet lovable personality that everyone loved. He had the most beautiful blue eyes and big puffy fur. He loved people and was happy just to be with people. He purred 24/7 even up to his last days while he was sick. He moved to Lafayette with my Wife when she knew no one so she was very attached to him. He was my couch buddy and would come sit with me as soon as I would get home. I was very attached to him. He would nap with me all the time. He survived an episode of diabetes where I had to give him insulin twice a day. He actually went into remission and was healthy for another couple years until he was diagnosed with intestinal lymphoma. He loved a long life of 17 years and was absolutely spoiled the whole time. He was well taken care of. We miss him very much and the void he has left is difficult to deal with. We want to thank Dayna for her compassion and care in dealing with Tot's final arrangements! "