Our Story

Our Family has been caring for your family since 1969.

Your pet  is a loving family member, baby, and best friend.

They fulfill so many needs with their unconditional love. When the time comes that he or she must part, you can give them a loving proper memorial.  At AGEE’S PET CREMATORIUM we have experienced that special bond – we call it LOVE – and understand the caring relationship you share.  Let our family help your family when no one else can.  We are not just a business, but a family taking care of your angels, because we believe Love Lasts Longer Than Life.

Memorials are different for every family.

Some of the families we service feel that cremation simplifies the burial of their pet, while many people enjoy that cremation allows their loved one to travel with them in the event of an evacuation or family move; still, others plan to have their pet placed with them when the time comes. Whatever your particular need, our goal is to provide a dignified, caring service for your pet and family.